Article from Peach Street Basketball about LPU Ashley Bolston:

Ashley Bolston (Medford, Ore.) – South Medford HS – 2014

Ashley Bolston of Medford, Ore., shows she can collapse a defense and make a play with the pass. *Photo by Chris Hansen

At 6-0, Ashley Bolston has ideal size for the wing at the next level.  And as impressive as her length and size is on the perimeter, her skill set is really the thing that separates her in this class.  She has great body control, knows how to use pivots before and after the dribble and of all the skills on offense to be exception at, teammates and coaches will love her ability to pass the basketball.  Even if she over-penetrates and picks up her dribble, the play is not dead because she keeps her cool and knows how to create a passing angle with her length and making smart pivots.  Some may try to criticize her footspeed but nobody was getting past her on defense but there weren’t too many possessions where you could say her athleticism was a liability.  She’s worthy of a cool nickname, like that of former NBA Player Sam Perkins, who was dubbed “Big Smooth” later in his career.